Our Sponsors

We all at Shelby Park Jaguars would like to let our past, current and future sponsors know from our hearts that we are grateful for all your assistance, time, support and generous donations, it is people like you who help make a difference in our children’s lives and make it possible for them to participate with a team.
Dicks Sporting Goods
USA Football
Director, Coach & Proud Dad Corey Hoggett of Genius Pototoes
Coach, Proud Dad Markee Goff
Mark Hopkins, Benefactor
Vice – President, Coach Nick Owens

Shelby Park Jaguars Homecoming
Go Jaguars!
Corey Hoggett Proprietor of Genius Pototoes

Coach Corey Hoggett of Genius Pototoes
Proud Parent & Sponsor
Coach Markee Goff Proud Parent & Sponsor